There is something about water on bare skin and a flow of Advertisements


There has been some panic since it became public knowledge that Uber started testing Autonomous cars in September, 2016. 4.1 to 5 million drivers have been estimated to lose their jobs in the United States. Yes, self driving cars are coming


So, it’s valentine’s day. The number of white and red around is alarming. The combos are ‘interesting’ too. But this is not a fashion piece. I took time out to put down a few words for my special kind of beautiful :), with whom I wrote this. Read, comment and share.

Of Our Solemn Assembly

Ahah… you know how we go blah…blah…blah about what’s wrong and then bleh…bleh…bleh… about how long we’ve been here? This piece is about just that!

Oh God Of Creation

I wrote this piece on the of Nigeria’s 55th Independence day Celebration. This concept was informed by Vivian Victor’s piece in 2014. It tells my sincere desire for my Nation. I hope this inspires you.