So, it’s valentine’s day. The number of white and red around is alarming. The combos are ‘interesting’ too. But this is not a fashion piece.

I took time out to put down a few words for my special kind of beautiful :), with whom I wrote this. Read, comment and share.

You’re not perfect, no?

We both aren’t,

So, come here

Bring with all your fineness, your mess,

Come with all your weight,

Take this room in my heart,

Occupy this space,

You’re all that matters

There’s nothing more beautiful.

Than doing everyday together

Scaling the hills and mountains,

From right where we are,

This spot to mars and back

And maybe do it again and again for as long as time exists

Beating gravity, to zero gravity,

To the good days…

…beyond the mere glitters,

That tell the burn has only begun,

Beyond the scent of the budding rose,

They don’t know what this is

This right here is love

Love in its realness

Almost John 15:13 strong

My special kind of beautiful,

My HP Pavilion dv6

There’s nothing more beautiful


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Prayz says:

    Your HP Pavilion really? Wonderful piece bro. Keep it coming


    1. dhungtsok says:

      thanks dear. I’m taking a leaf from your book


  2. nicxzmiller says:

    Hehehehe. Nice one

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dhungtsok says:

    Thanks for reading Bro


  4. DSF says:

    Beautiful piece fa but rily HP pavilion????


    1. dhungtsok says:

      Yuls… You know how they say we don’t get to choose who we fall in love with ba… (…what we fall in love with)😊😊


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