Of Our Solemn Assembly

Ahah… you know how we go blah…blah…blah about what’s wrong and then bleh…bleh…bleh… about how long we’ve been here? This piece is about just that!

The ills of our land
The failings of our leaders
Why living our dreams
And bagging the milk and honey has eluded us
Is laid plain in our solemn assembly.
Why hope is a mirage
The cause of our travails
Why this isn’t fair and
Why that is,
Is no news in this gathering.
This poem is about the all too familiar speeches
That are on ‘repeat’ in our cycles, ‘semi-circles’ and spheres.
You know which ones;
The ones that point to who is why what is…
The ‘ish’ being that now and again,
‘Problem Statement!’ this assembly’s agenda has remained;
Stating the challenge,
Proffering no solution.
Continually reminding ourselves
All that we never are in danger of forgetting.
How can we?
The issues are plain to see.
We probably forget that the rut affects us all.
There are two ways I know to put right what is wrong;
The first: Words
The other: Actions.
When your words won’t fix it,
Your words to someone who can fix it might.
And when your actions don’t,
Your demonstration would lead someone to action.
Whatever you do,
Let your words point the way forward
Rather than elaborate on the state of the situation.
Speak words that fix stuff.

Leslie D. Tsok#OfOurSolemnAssembly


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