Oh God Of Creation

I wrote this piece on the of Nigeria’s 55th Independence day Celebration. This concept was informed by Vivian Victor’s piece in 2014.

It tells my sincere desire for my Nation. I hope this inspires you.

Oh God of creation
I come with a prayer in tow
For Your direction of our cause noble
To live intentionally
Guide our leaders right
That they walk in Your light
So darkness does not overtake them
Help our youths the truth to know
Not being clouded by lies disguised
That knowlegde application be truth application
With love and sincerity fuelling progress
That we live just, candid and true
Attaining great lofty heights
Our own dear motherland built up biceps, triceps and abs worked out in peace and justice

Arise O Compatriots
Arise you who have drifted into slumber
Obey Nigeria’s call
Serve our father land intentionally
You who are domiciled internationally
Yours is this call as well
Invest love and strength and faith
Invest in faith, for love, with strength
That the labour of our heroes past we don’t shame
Lest we sustain a culture of pursuits vain
Serve with all that is your heart
Serve with all that is your might
Building ONE nation on purpose.
Redefining our value system
Building proper on peace and justice.

I am Nigeria
I am intentional
I am clear on purpose
I am sound
So are youwebzine


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