I’ve always thought people committing to relationships; whether by getting engaged, married, contracts, and any form of commitment to a human being, as courageous; Bold!

Yes! Bold.

Here’s why; Humans! Humans! Human Being! Man! Woman! Person! Pelson!

Over time I’ve learnt, time and again, that entrusting, or committing anything to any human other than yourself is taking a chance; probably because of the awesome fact that every individual holds the power to make a decision, anything is possible. Anything. Trust is expensive.

My people philosophy is like this:

“People can be anyone and anything they want to be – awesome, amazing, blessing, irritable, curse… anything; but until then, people are people.”

Trust no one; not even the person who typed this sentence.

And in this posture, sometime in February, I was confronted by a question as I scrolled through my Instagram timeline: “Can God trust you with a blessing?” It was something from Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s sermon;

Basically, it touched on how God has positioned us in certain places and giving us opportunities, access, means as ‘trust’. How do you handle the things God trusts you with?

Can God trust me with a connection, link?

Can God trust me with access?

Can God trust me with an opportunity?

Can God trust me with a fine, voluptuous lady? Hmm…

Can God trust me with money?

Can God trust me with a blessing?

Can God trust me to act on an idea?

Can God trust you to make the most of the sacrifice of Jesus?

True! Trust is expensive; and God, not for the first time in forever, trusts you and I with priceless treasure. What we do with His trust will go to prove us as stewards; faithful, shrewd or not?

D. Leslie




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